Lost in Singapore

Okay, well then, not really that lost: I can run the entire length of the country, and will do pretty much that tomorrow morning at 5:30 during the Singapore marathon.

I planned to go out for a little jog to get the many hours of flying (12 hours to Narita; seven more to Singapore) out of my legs. But I found interesting things along the way, got a little confused about directions (so what else is new?), and accidentally ran for an hour and a half.

Each time I stopped to ask someone directions, he would point me back in the direction I'd just come, having been directed that way by another well-intentioned but misguided Singaporean. Finally I found aguy who could get me home: he told me to go straight down the street I was on and hang a right after the theatre that looks like a durian fruit.

The city is, not surprisingly, clean and beautiful, without any of the l'air du Asia that you find in many cities in this part of the world. It's also hip and groovy. The Time Out Singapore feels no different in tone from Time Out London or NY; maybe even a little racier--far from the repressive and strict regime I'd been told to expect.

Plus, how can you not like a country that at passport control offers you Jolly Ranchers. Or the Asian version of Jolly Ranchers. Welcome to Singapore; have some candy. I love it.

I could live in a city-state like this. Except that my hair is now big as a house. I forgot what humidity is like. But it's worth it for the warmth. I am loose-limbed and an easy mover in the heat and am not missing the frigid northwest. Though I am missing some of the people there.

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