New yoga pose

This yoga pose is called "Downward-facing dog with cover-your-face." It's not for beginners.


Email from an ideal reader!

Hi Ms. Toor,

I recently picked up your book On the Road to Find Out at my local library. I had wandered in while running errands and I took a peak at the new teen fiction books. For whatever reason your book stood out to me, yes I do judge books by their cover. I read the inside cover and got almost half-way before deciding to check it out. Note that I didn’t even reach the part about running. 

That night when I got home and cracked open the book I was somewhat confused that Alice was running not immediately wallowing about not getting accepted to Yale. As a varsity cross country runner, I was hooked. I became somewhat jealous of Alice during the story, of her “ability” to score a perfect boy like Miles. I also was bewildered by the fact in just 6 months of running she was completing a half marathon. I’ve been running two and a half years and have yet to attempt a half marathon. I thoroughly enjoyed the novel and I’m in the process of trying to get my parents to get me a rat.

Additionally, as a rising high school junior I can connect with the challenge of college applications. My dream school is Duke, and I almost laughed when I saw you used to be an admissions officer there. I believe it is ridiculous how colleges have swindled my life choices without my knowledge. Since elementary school, I’ve been subconsciously duped into overextending myself in activities, both in and out of school. By the time I graduate high school, colleges expect me to captain a varsity sports team, become president of a club, volunteer hundred of hours, master a musical instrument, learn a foreign language, and found of a program to help needy kids. Along with this I’m supposed to allot time to getting a 4.6 GPA and at least a 34 on the ACT. All the while, a job is necessary to save money in order to pay $60,000 per year. I’ve been brainwashed and now that I’ve accomplished these goals but, I’m still worried that I will be denied or wait listed from the colleges I dream about. It’s absolutely insane what is expected from 18 year olds these days. I feel like you wonderfully portrayed this struggle through Alice. 

Your book and tips in the acknowledgements have really made my think about my goals in running and school. Thank you for a wonderful novel and letting me to share my story!